Who am I?

Darius Liddell was born and raised in Mississippi on cornbread and educated in northern California, the sweet land of chaparral. He enjoys listening in faerie, laughing at nothing, doing nothing, frolicking and olive oil.

Why fairytraffic?

Because I am always pleasantly stuck in traffic in faerie, and am privy to the fairy and deva that is me. That’s the short answer. For the long answer, we can go to faerie together.

What is Faerie?

Faerie, or the land fairy tales talk about, is a reality that we, normally children or people with working imaginations, visit often in their dreams. It is a parallel realm to ours. Form is much more mutable there, which means that humans can change into anything else, and vice versa. Devas can be nature spirits (gnomes, souls belonging to plants) or the group soul of a species, like bears or sages. Deva also has much more complicated concepts in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Are you a photographer?

Yes. On very happy days, I spend a lot of hours staring at plants and looking for cute bugs to chat with. Literally, every word on this blog is written by a bug or plant or rock, aka the circumference of my soul.

How does this all make sense? You are making a lot of grand claims and saying fantastical things.

Nothing I write makes sense, it comes from one of the many realms beyond thought. I simply speak my truth without reservation. My truth may not resonate with You and Your truth may not resonate with Me; lucky for us, we are a part of the same endless field of Being, which means we are each other. So I can’t judge you for saying that I write is a bunch of nonsense. Whether someone likes, dislikes, believes or disbelieves, what I write has no bearing on my need to say it. The futility of all reputation is at hand.

What is channeling?

Channeling normally means being inspired by a higher being (artists and musicians do this all the time) — being a “channel” to receive a message and relay it to others here on Earth via some medium. So, in this sense I don’t take credit for what I write, I am simply a vessel for divinity, in the exact same way a bee collects pollen and takes it back to their friends for reflection and introspection. Yes, flowers are higher beings.

So, insects are out here channeling or what?

A television set has channels and needs antennae to work properly. Most cars need at least one antennae for radio. Or you thought it was an accident that insects have antennae? Apparently, human scientists — not all scientists are humans, by the way — have shown that dung beetles use The Milky Way to navigation. Dung beetles probably already knew this.

What else will you write about?

Maybe race, gender, or class.

Are you a witch?

More than you or I could ever comprehend.

What is the fifth or twelfth dimension? What are dimensions?


Gives a good description of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions:


There are different descriptions of the dimensions by different people. (Different people can have vastly different experiences of the same dimension.)

What is Christ Consciousness?

The consciousness that came down into Form of someone called Jesus Christ — and also into other individuals who were working at particularly advanced levels of the “peace that passeth all understanding”, as the scriptures say.

What is the Light Body and the Rainbow Body?

The light body is the Unbearable Lightness of Being that is a vehicle for our soul “to graduate from the human condition” and return to Source/God/All-That-Is/The-Ten-Thousand-Things (my personal definition)

The Rainbow body “is a result of maintaining a constant frequency of unconditional Love”. If you’ve ever met someone who is living their Rainbow Body, you’ll never forget it. They really do exude love, joy and peace. And once you feel it for yourself, coming from you, you cannot forget it.


Are you psychic?


Are you in a long-term relationship with moths?


How can I start talking to plants and stuff?

The first step is to overcome the illusion of human supremacy; you must see everyone in nature as you, and perfectly equal to you in every single way, completely without exception. The second step is to enter the Eternal Now, and do everything possible to never leave the Flow of the Now of the One again. That’s what a wisteria told me, almost verbatim.

What is “The Flow of the Now of the One”?

The Flow is the river of pure awareness, detachment, and compassion that is you. The Now is the empty space in which everything happens, and you are that space. You are the present moment, not what happens in that moment. The Now also includes the ending of the illusion of Time, which can only be accessed by the end of resistance. There is always only the present moment, NOW. Past and future don’t exist. The One is the indivisible Unity/Void that is revealed when the illusion of separation is cut through by the sword of your third eye — you are everything and everything is you. Hence, The Flow of the Now of the One.

How is it possible to love everyone and everything?

Where there is no thought, there is no fear. Once fear is eradicated in you, even for the tiniest moment, love will reveal itself as you. So, have many of these tiny moments, until fear can’t stand to be in your presence. Again, where there is no clinging to thoughts, there is no fear.